The fall detector sensors can be worn on a cord around your neck or wrist and automatically triggers an alert to our monitoring centre if they detect you’ve fallen over. You can also press the button on the sensor to speak with one of our Team.

How does it work?

Using advanced technology, the Vibby Fall Detector automatically detects serious falls in the home using a pressure sensor. It immediately raises an alarm, via the Lifeline to our 24/7  monitoring centre.

The sensor works by measuring loss of height and speed, so can detect if you fall from an upright position.

Any alarm raised is confirmed via vibration and an LED light. In case of a false alarm, the alert can be easily cancelled by covering the sensor or standing up within 20 seconds.

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Who is it for?

The fall detector is perfect for anybody living at home and wants the freedom to live life independently, knowing that should they fall, help is on its way.


  • Added confidence for people living independently
  • False alarms reduced with automatic cancellation if the wearer gets up within 20 seconds
  • Quicker response times to attend to serious falls


  • Automatic fall detection alert
  • Additional manual trigger to raise fall alert
  • Vibration and LED light confirmation
  • Hypoallergenic plastic
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