TeleCare service prevents disaster

Rainham resident Ada Compton and her daughter Kenneen Russell praised the swift reaction of Kyndi staff after the gas on her cooker was inadvertently left on for over an hour.

Mrs Compton, who is 90 years old, couldn’t smell the gas because she has lost her sense of smell – but she had been having some problems with her phone on the day in question, and this prompted Mrs Compton to push the button on the pendant she wears on her wrist, which is connected to the Lifeline unit in her home.

Kyndi staff were immediately alerted to a potential issue, and after calling Mrs Compton’s daughter, sent engineer Allen Murrell to her property to investigate.

As soon as Allen walked into Mrs Compton’s house, he could smell the gas: ‘There was so much gas my throat was dry’, Allen explained. ‘It was horrible. I quickly turned off the gas and opened all the windows.’

Mrs Compton was sitting in her favourite chair when Allen arrived. She felt fine and didn’t realise anything was wrong. ‘It’s a good job I had the Lifeline unit in my home’, said Mrs Compton. ‘It probably saved my life! Having a Lifeline personal alarm makes me feel safe.’

Mrs Compton’s daughter, Kenneen Russell, who lives in Wigmore, said: ‘My mother and I were both a bit shaken up but it could’ve been a lot worse. The staff at Kyndi were brilliant. The person who answered the initial Call alert was very nice, and Allen was at my mum’s house a few minutes after the alarm had been raised.’

Sean Kearns, CEO of Kyndi, said: ‘This incident demonstrates how important our Raise an Alert units are for many older people. I’m also very proud of the caring professionalism shown by Kyndi staff in preventing what could have been a tragic outcome for Mrs Compton and her family.’

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